Custom Education Partners (CEP) implements Experiential Education and Training Program;
Teacher and Student Exchanges, and Consulting in Education and Workforce Development.

Supporting organizations Onsite in Colombia to support English Learning, Leadership
and Community Development, Experiential Education, and Training

What We Do

With over 16 years of experience implementing US and international education programs, our team can support program design, internationalization of academic goals, help with recruiting of students and teachers, training, research, and evaluation.

We are an innovative leader in supporting secondary and higher education programs around the world for students and teachers.

We focus on education and training projects to US and International
partners, government and the private sector in the following areas:

  • Program Design and Implementation
  • Curriculum Development and Expansion
  • Research and Evaluation
  • Student Recruitment for Exchanges and Study Abroad
  • Teacher Recruitment for Exchanges and Professional Development
  • Onsite Training for Students and Teachers
  • Implementing Civic, English, and Cultural Programs

Our approach is to blend the best team of practitioners and experts with localized on the ground experience to achieve the best results.

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We change lives through experiential learning and training for students, teachers, and organizations.

Our Strategic Partners