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Welcome to Custom Education Partners (CEP). CEP has over 16 years providing partners the ability to plan and implement their own experiential education programs and professional training, as well as, providing essential research and consulting, and implementing teacher exchange programs. CEP works strategically with U.S. and international partners to identify key educational and training objectives, develop innovative solutions, and to ensure successful implementation and outcomes. We can help you design your program with the ease of an experienced multicultural team of educators, trainers, and project managers that embrace a global approach. Our mission is ” Changing Lives through experiential global learning, teacher exchanges, and training.”

With over 18 years of experience in education and training, we manage research and development, program design, internationalization, teacher training, recruitment, and exchanges, and program evaluation.

We are an innovative leader in supporting secondary and higher education programs around the world for students and teachers.

We focus on providing education and training projects to US and international
partners, government and the private sector in the following areas:

  • Research and Development
  • Program Design and Implementation
  • Curriculum Development
  • Student Recruitment for Exchanges and Study Abroad
  • Teacher Recruitment for Exchanges and Professional Development
  • Training for Students and Teachers
  • Language Learning Virtual Learning Platforms
  • Implementing Civic and Cultural Programs

Our approach is to blend the best team of practitioners and experts with localized on the ground experience to achieve the best results.

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Meet the Team

Our vision is to change lives and impact the world through experiential global learning, teacher exchanges, and training.

Our world is crying out for solutions to improve and change the lives of our future generations by implementing new ideas and solutions that work. We work closely with our partners to achieve success, and we are committed to making a difference in our world. We also believe that by focusing on education and workforce solutions we’re going to observe the most substantial and long term impacts that will benefit society many years in the future. I often share these important truths with others,”never build a new innovation and put it into an old context,” and “if you don’t do anything, I can promise you that nothing will ever happen.” Help us in positively changing and impacting the world together.

E. Francisco Lopez, President

Evelyn Benavides, Senior Coordinator

Denia Nassar, Training and Recruitment

Jose Luis, Training and Instruction

Octavio Paez, Multimedia

Joyce Alonzo, Strategic Advisor

Dayan Acosta, Special Projects

Advisory and Board Members

US Member of Congress Solomon Ortiz, Retired

Rudy Arrendondo, Board Chair, National Farmers and Ranchers, Washington, DC

Dr. Margo Deley, Vice Chair, Retired,  Chicago Public Schools

E. Francisco Lopez, Esq. Board Member, President and CEO, CEP

Lucius Stephenson, Board Member, Retired Principal, DC Public Schools

Dr. Tomas Yanez, Advisory, Texas Interstate Migrant Education  Program

Ernest Skinner, Advisory, former Citibank, New York

Dr. Susanna Martinez, Advisory, UNICOLOMBO, Colombia

Francisco Garcia, Advisory, Interagency Education Council

We change lives through experiential learning and training for students, teachers, and organizations.

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